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A new adventure

Hi there! I am Elizabeth and I love making all kinds of things. I am an ex military wife who learned to decorate on a budget. I also love jewelry and have been exploring the making of it more and more. I spent most of the end of last year creating home decore pieces that would be budget friendly. I got a little burnt out about Christmas time. My son is part of a L.A.R.P. group and is very active with them. He has a chainmaille shirt that some one gave us and it is starting to come apart. I took a look at it and decided I could fix it. In the process of trying to find the right rings for it I found a vendor that offered colored rings. So I bought all different colors and started a whole new shirt for my son. I am still going to repair his other one, but I am going to have to make the rings for that one. I started his shirt and got a little frustrated with trying to connect two chains. I decided to put it aside and try my hand at the chainmaille jewelry. I have now made three new patterns and I am loving every moment of it. Learning the different patterns helped me understand the connection process for the shirt and I now have three rows connected. I would have more but I am waiting on more rings. I have decided I am going to offer these new necklaces to all of you. They will be in the store by the end of the week. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.

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